Frequently Asked Questions
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Pricing and Hardware


What is covered in the setup fee?

The Setup fee includes the setup of your complete Xüdle system as well as personalized onboarding sessions with your Account Execütive based on what pricing tier you fall into. If you are interested in having Xüdle assist with data migration we are happy to help import customer records, order history and products for a one-time fee starting at $500**.


Is hardware included?

No, hardware is not included in our fees however we work with an excellent supplier and will provide recommendations based on your winery's needs.


Can I use my existing hardware?

In some cases, yes. Our POS is mobile-based and runs on iOS tablets only. *Windows machines will not work with our POS app. You likely can re-use cash drawers, scanners and printers as long as the printer model is Epson.


Do you charge for data export?

Export of your data is accessible at any time and includes all data. If you would like Xüdle to provide you with a complete export file including members/customers and order history, the rate starts at $500. A list of export requirements is required to provide an accurate quote.


Do you have a contract or annual commitment?

No, you may cancel at any time with 30-day written notice.

Merchant Services


Who is your Merchant Service Provider?

Xudle Pay, powered by FullSteam is our Merchant Service Provider. Please contact us for rates and to sign up.


Can I use my existing Merchant Service Provider (MSP)?

Xudle Pay, powered by FullSteam is the only Merchant Service Provider we work with. Our seamless integration offers a fully integrated payment reporting and reconciliation all in one location. In addition, customer support, for both Xudle software and payments is taken care of through Xudle - saving you time and effort. For more information about rates, please contact us.

Features and Services


Do you provide compliance software?

Yes, Xudle is equipped with shipping restrictions and tax settings. We are also fully integrated with Ship Compliant and offer our integration free of charge for any customer of Ship Compliant.


Does your software include email marketing?

Xüdle's software sends notification-based emails to members and guests when certain events occur (ex: for wine club members, if a credit card declines, an email is sent to the member). For marketing emails, we've partnered with Mailchimp, however you can always export your customers' and members' emails if you use another email marketing tool.


Does Xüdle manage my event ticket sales

Yes, Xüdle has built-in event management tools for selling tickets and accepting reservations. From member-exclusive parties to concerts and hosted tours, Xüdle's event management and reservation tools has it all.


Do you integrate with Quickbooks

Yes, there is a General Ledger Sales Summary report that exports into an "IIF" file for easy import into QuickBooks.


Does Xüdle offer a time clock for employees

No, not currently. We recommend you look into your payroll management system for time clock functionality.


Does Xüdle have an integration with my shipping fulfillment house?

All shipping orders are exportable into a standardized 205 Form which is acceptable at most, if not all, fulfillment houses.


Does Xüdle work with all shipping carriers?

Yes, Xüdle can accept rates from any shipping carrier. We currently have an API with UPS which allows for real-time rates however most clients use a combination of UPS, Fedex and/or GSO.


Does Xüdle have restaurant software?

Yes, the Restaurant module allows certain items to print at a designated kitchen printer. It also includes order modifiers and table # tagging. The restaurant module is ideal for quick-service restaurants. It does not include table assignment/configuration or restaurant reservation management.


Does Xüdle POS allow for tabs

Yes, you can place orders on hold and recall the order later.


Can your ecommerce integrate with my existing website?

Yes, our ecommerce can integrate with any existing website, regardless of where the site resides. We create a subdomain of your website and design and build a seamless interface. Once the store is complete, we provide you with a custom link to connect your navigation with the new online store.


What type of network requirements are needed to run the Xüdle POS?

The Xüdle system is cloud based, our only requirement is a reliable internet connection (both ISP and local environment). The faster download/upload the better.

Some considerations for the tasting room environment:

  • X-POS should have a dedicated network to help avoid degraded connectivity.
  • Guest access should be restricted, at a minimal throttled back or on a separate WiFi network
  • Avoid streaming media, excessive device connectivity, etc if you don’t have high ISP bandwidth available
  • Access point(s) should be in good locations to ensure a strong (100%) signal to the device
  • At every screen touch there is a connection made to the cloud. That said, a typical transaction should take 20-30 seconds, login-to-checkout, on a fair network connection.

**Additional charges may apply for data migration. Please contact your Account Execütive for further details.

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